What Are Apps That Pay Real Money? 

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Lots of apps promise to pay real money, but the reality is that most of them only let you make a little on the side. That’s not exactly “real money”! We wrote this post to shed light on ways to enjoy a sizable income if you have a Smartphone. Here is our pick of the best-paying apps in 2020. Importantly, these apps will also help you invest and save.

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This popular app and platform offers different ways to earn rewards points after completing a task on your Android phone. You can play games, watch videos, search the web, and visit websites, among other activities. The app provides gift cards that can be used for various stores, including Walmart, Target, and PayPal.

One of the best things about the app is the feature Perk.tv, which allows you to earn an income just by watching videos on your phone.


Cointiply allows users to earn free Bitcoins for playing games, filling out surveys, installing apps, and viewing ads, among other things. Users earn fractions of Bitcoin (Satoshi) for every task they carry out. Notably, this app is exclusively for use on Android phones.


Dosh offers its users a passive form of income. It is a cash-back app that’s very simple and quick to set up. The app lets you link debit and credit cards to get cash-back automatically when you travel, eat out, shop, and more. The option is available from all eligible national, regional, and local merchants.

You might be reminded of the app after eating out and paying somewhere. Users are sent an email after using their credit card at participating vendors. It will let you make money off buying something you pay for on a regular basis.

You can also get $25 cash-back on your first hotel reservation if you book through the Dosh app. Dosh is available for iOS and Android.

Healthy Wage

The U.S. government supports the app Healthy Wage to encourage people to lose weight. It’s a creative and innovative idea, and if you participate in the app’s ultimate weight loss challenge, you can make up to $10,000.

To get started, enter the weight you want to lose, the expected timeframe, and how much you want to invest per month. This way, you are effectively betting a certain amount of money on a successful outcome. The maximum prize amount, which the calculator will determine, is up to $10,000. By signing up, you agree to pay that amount over the period of the challenge.

What happens if you don’t manage? You lose the money – well, kind of. It goes toward the Healthy Wage prize fund, used to give money to other participants who accomplish their goals.


Acorns is a nice, easy option to make your way into micro-investments. The app, available for iOS and Android, rounds your buys up and invests the difference to your benefit. Moreover, you can link as many debit and credit cards as you want. The app is free for college students and costs only a dollar a month for everyone else.

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Acorns monitors users’ bank account and invests the difference from their daily purchases automatically. Let’s say you buy a doughnut for $2.65. The app will then round the purchase up to $3.00 and invest $0.35 in a smart portfolio.