Did you know that there are apps that can help you earn a bit of money on the side? We’ve compiled 10 of the best apps that can make you some fast cash in 2020.

1. MyPoints $10 Bonus

Launched back in 1996, MyPoints is a popular rewards site that gives users the option to earn virtual points in a number of ways. You can then exchange them for cash or prizes. The points can later be redeemed with almost 80 restaurant and retail partners, as well as with Amazon gift cards.

2. Ibotta

Ibotta is a perfect option for making automated payments. There are three ways to make money using this cash-back app. The first is buying items using the app at eligible stores. Alternatively, prior to shopping, you can connect a store loyalty card. Finally, you can upload your receipt to the app when you buy eligible goods.

3. Foap

Foap is a moneymaker for novice photographers and videographers. To get started, download this app, and then upload your videos or photos to an online portfolio for everyone to see.

4. Ebates

This is not only a money-making app but also a reliable browser extension. With Ebates, you can scan items as you compare prices, use in-store coupons, and earn cash back on specific purchases from eligible retailers.

5. Google Opinion Rewards

This app lets you earn money by leaving reviews, so it’s an excellent option for opinionated consumers. This is a must-download for everyone who wants to profit from their smartphone addiction.

6. Mobee

This app lets you do what you’ve always secretly wanted: become a secret shopper. Download Mobee and select a business on it using the map. This app lets you shop at a variety of eateries and retailers and earn points for each session, which can be redeemed for items or gift cards.

7. Drop

Drop makes it really simple to earn rewards without pondering it too much. Simply link the app to your debit or credit card, make a purchase, and shop with your favorite retailers to earn points. These points can then be redeemed for free gift cards.

8. Tap Cash Rewards

With Tap Cash, you can make money by killing time. Doesn’t that sound great? Try games or apps or watch videos and cash in your rewards via PayPal. Moreover, it’s possible to exchange points for gift cards.

9. Decluttr

Do you want to sell something that’s been lying around the house? The aptly named Decluttr app focuses on helping you sell games, CDs, and DVDs. Take a picture of the item using the app and get an instant offer. The money is directly deposited to you after you ship the items to this free app.

10. Lyft

Install Lyft and drive people around in your car as you go about your business. The criteria are stricter than for Uber. However, using this app is a very easy way to make money. Give it a try!