If you’re a Mac user who is wondering how to become more productive, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve made a list of the top 10 productivity apps for Mac in 2020 to help you out.

1. EmailAnalytics

Our list starts with EmailAnalytics, which helps users of G Suite and Gmail by generating detailed reports on top email sources, among other things. The app tells you how long it takes to read and write emails, as well as your average response time. You can try the app for free for 2 weeks.

2. Hazel

This is an automated organization tool offered by Noodlesoft and designed for Mac. It helps users organize their files automatically based on customized principles. You can set it to move files from one folder to another when they need to be addressed in an urgent manner.

3. Backblaze

This app is priceless if your Mac is ever stolen or crashes. It will help you save thousands of irreplaceable files.

4. Alfred

With custom actions and Mac shortcuts, this all-in-one app can be used in many ways. Above all, it is designed to help you save time. If you don’t want to copy and paste something repeatedly, you can access the app’s clipboard memory. To automate pesky, repetitive tasks, you can also set up custom workflows.

5. Keyboard Maestro

Albeit being an older-generation app, Maestro can greatly improve your productivity. Using this app, you can automate multiple tasks based on a wireless network connection, a hotkey combination, or another trigger.

6. Otter

Otter is a smart voice-recognition Mac app for users who don’t like typing. The note-taker will help you keep notes during meetings, transcribe your conversations, and much more.

7. Bartender

Yet another app with a non-obvious name, Bartender helps you organize and clean up all your menu bar icons. It’s also possible to gain quick access to these icons with keyboard shortcuts. The app is free to try for a month. Bartender can be especially helpful with cluttered icons that prevent you from working productively.

8. Flux

Flux reduces the artificial blue light radiating from your computer. This light can harm the eyes, make you feel tired, and disrupt your sleeping patterns. Therefore, using this app can boost your productivity, as well as your health.

9. OmniFocus

This is a great task management app with an intuitive interface that lets Mac users schedule events, tag your tasks, and automate specific features.

10. PDFpen

On a final note, this app lets you edit PDFs in any way you can imagine, making it an indispensable tool for translators and other professionals. Moreover, it saves time and gives users more power. If you’ve always wanted a tool that allows you to mark these files up any way you like, PDFpen is your best choice.