In this article, we will discuss several iPad-based apps designed to make your workflow more efficient and boost your productivity. We hope you will find our selection helpful.


1. Gladys

With Gladys, you can practically store any information on your iPad. It is one of the best options to organize your data, especially if you’re the type of user that tends to shift from different sites and apps.

2. Scanbot

We are yet another expert source to recommend this app, which lets people scan different documents. Using Scanbot, you can convert, change, and send text in every way imaginable once it is in place.

3. Focus Keeper

Productivity is often the synonym of time management. Few apps are better at time management than Focus Keeper, which assists you in assigning tasks to your free time slots. The app makes it easier to focus by splitting your day up into portions of twenty minutes. This way, even the most stressful tasks become more manageable.

4. Things

Things allow users to maximize the number of tasks they can manage in the most efficient way possible. Using this app, organizing holiday plans, work-related obligations, and other tasks become easier than writing a grocery list. Moreover, all iPads will likely be equipped with this essential app by default in the near future.

5. is best described as an effective sticky note. Most of the task manager apps available try to achieve too much and end up doing more harm than good. However, provides a nearly seamless way to connect different apps so you’re as productive as possible.

6. Airmail

Another simple, user-friendly app, Airmail can manage multiple email accounts across devices. However, that’s the least of its capabilities. On iPad, its multitasking features and split-screen make it an incredibly flexible and useful tool.

7. Bear

Don’t let the name fool you – this is a sophisticated writing app that transforms basic text into a work of art. Moreover, its search and tag systems help you explore your work’s contents more efficiently.

8. Trello

This modern, essential productivity app allows you to see your ideas through to realization, as well as assign and manage tasks. Moreover, Trello does this better than most workflow apps.

9. Due

Due lets users set any number of tasks they need to be reminded of, sending notifications as required. While many other apps do this, very few can boast Trello’s set of rich features, not to mention its user-friendly interface.

10. Calendars 5

Last but not least, Calendars 5 stands out from the crowd due to its great emphasis on focus. It effectively organizes events entered by the user, making it impossible to forget about them.